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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sugar roses, oh my!

Hello Everyone:

Ever wondered how much time it would take to make 435 sugar roses? Two and a half weeks. Each rose, hand done on this cake was made to match the bride's wedding color. I must say it was a spectacular event. The cake serve over 350 people. The bottom tier itself is an 18 inch square. The cake weighed 140 pounds. The size of a small human being. The event was held on the family's property just outside of Franklin, Tennessee at the end of June, 2010. Absolutely stunning event.

This cake is a buttercream cake (below) that went to the Hermitage Golf Course (, in Old Hickory, Tennessee. The event was a One Source Weddings ( spear headed by Wendy Binns. The cake has satin ribbon around the base of each tier that matched the bride's turquoise color and a light taupe color icing accent touched with edible glitter. The topper is fresh flowers supplied by One Source Weddings.

The buttercream cake (below) is also a One Source Wedding ( event held in Lebanon at The Mill ( The colors from her wedding are reflected in the ribbons around the base of each tier. The buttercream is deliberately not smooth to pick up the rustic elements in the hall. Fresh flowers were applied at a later time by One Source.

This lovely fondant cake (below) is embossed with swirls painted pearl on the bottom and 2nd tier from the top. The alternating tiers have a white filigree touched with edible glitter and small tweedia sugar flowers. The sugar flowers on the cake matched her fresh flowers...they are small blue tweedia (the bride's favorite) and white mums. The event was held at The Spring Hill Union Hall in Spring Hill, Tennessee (

Thank you everyone for viewing, tell your friends to come visit also.

~Stacy and The French Confection Team